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Corporate Advertising
We are one of India’s leading agencies in corporate communications. More importantly, our record encompasses just about every domain and sector of industry and service, operating in every
conceivable market segment, and extending in scope from the regional to the multinational.
In all this diversity our core principles continue to apply: focus on clients’ essential strengths, positive attributes and competitive edges; establish a distinctive and credible corporate identity and personality; and take particular care in media selection, so as to obtain maximum meaningful coverage for the spend.
Well planned corporate advertising can help companies minimize the cost of capital and maximize the stability of its investor base. It can add perceived value to a company and its positioning. It can help the company attract fresh interest, and stimulate new demand.
While our prowess in strategy and positioning is widely acknowledged, we’re equally skilled in creating logos and other signage elements that define corporate identity, and also making the right
stylistic choices in all communications, creating virtual templates for future efforts.
By identifying our clients’ strengths and communicating them in the right way, we succeed in making
our clients’ corporate identity come shinning through.
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